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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

~ Rumi


In Truth

& Beauty

I trust that if your spirit has led you here it is for good reason.

Many of the people I work with are deeply sensitive and have sometimes experienced many challenges in life related to their sensitivity. Whether that be feeling misunderstood as a child, or challenges in relationships as an adult.

Equally true, is that most of the people that find me are able to connect to a deep longing within them, even if they are not yet sure what is driving that.

The work that I do with people is focused on long term sustainable change rather than quick fixes. I consider the reality of our lives as they currently are - not something to "overcome", but a practice in which we learn to be in deep relationship with what is.

Through deep attunement to ourselves, permission to feel all the different parts and expression of what is most true, we begin to create the capacity to really be alive

In the cultivation of Aliveness, we can connect more deeply to our desires, what and how we want to create in the world, the health of our bodies and the vibrancy of our day to day experience.

What might have once felt dull, or heavy, becomes brilliant and vivid.

That which felt empty...becomes full.

This work is about bringing you into a deep, nourishing relationship with what is true, and creating a beautiful life for yourself from that place.

With your body as the compass,

Your heart as the guide,

Your Spirit as the architect,

Everything you've ever dreamed of creating is possible.




Online community & teaching space for women.

If you're looking for slow, sustainable change at a pace your nervous system can really integrate then Nurture is for you.

Nurture is a community space that brings together DEEP & SENSITIVE women who are ready to move beyond patterns of neglect and be in exquisite, living practice of creating a new template of Thriving for themselves & those they love.

Deep, self Mothering is the next revolution.



The Core is my entry level 3 month 1-1 program designed to teach you the foundations of body based emotional & energetic intelligence.

In it we explore and refine your relationship to the following subjects:

~ Boundaries
~ Self worth/deservedness
~ Creativity & authentic expression
~ Healing patterns of neglect
~ Needs/desires & expectations

Send me an email with the link below to learn more.


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Mikyo Black, Somatic Integration Instructor

Working with Phoenix 1 on 1 changed my life at a crucial point where I felt powerless and would have repeated my old patterns again. The space of empathy, clarity, love, guidance, and empowerment she holds is impeccable. Through our deep work together i cleaned up and solidified my inner foundation, which opened up new worlds of joy, harmony, beauty, and grace within and without.

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 9.32.10 AM.png

Steven Grant,  Zen teacher, Coach & Techie

Working with Phoenix was the most transformative and informative self development collaboration I have ever participated in. I have worked with Buddhist masters, gurus, therapists, shamans and journey guides and Phoenix's emotional coaching and wizardry stands above them all. The primary focus of our project was for me to step further into my masculine energy and embody my core values in a deeper way. She provided thoughtful distinctions, reflections and exercises. The results were nothing short of miraculous. I feel different, I move differently and I show up in my life in a more complete way.

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Michelle Bulna, Chief Financial Officer

From the very start, Phoenix & I jumped into the mud together.  I mustered the courage to start digging into the deepest crevices and felt held and seen the entire time by Phoenix.  She embodies a rare combination of gentle accountability, keen observations and reflections, and a loving awareness I had not experienced before.


Every month I send out a free 'love letter' to those on my mailing list. In it you can expect life/work updates, free written content, journalling & embodiment practices, personal rituals and more. 

Quality is greater than quantity, always.

Thanks for subscribing!

Image by Colin Davis

Ready to

dive in?

Pure loving presence is one of the most powerful catalysts for change.

In my 1-1 work with people, I bring *all* of me to meet *all* of you.

This is much more than a traditional “coaching” container, it is a profoundly intimate unfolding that we *each* show up for wholeheartedly. I will match the energy you invest into this every step of the way.


I am here to serve you, not save you.


Through this deep collaboration of revealing, layer by layer we will gradually strip back layers of limiting beliefs, dysfunctional patterning, performative conditioning while reprogramming systems and structures within your day to day life that are no longer serving you and more, until the only thing remaining is the deepest, most authentic expression of who you truly are.


I teach people how to become the FULLEST embodiment of themselves and to express their truth from that place.


So many of us have spent most of our lives being what we thought the world or people around us needed us to be, whether that be professionally, or within our families and relationships.


This can be a huge energy leak that can leave us feeling drained, stagnant and disconnected from our unique magic and purpose, or simply in that feeling like we are ‘always trying to catch up’ with life and there is never enough time to do the things we want and need to do for ourselves.


I am not here to show you “my way”. I am here to guide you on discovering YOUR WAY and holding you accountable to the choices you make in committing to that as your unique path of embodiment along the way.


It is my deepest honor to serve you in this way.

I have ABSOLUTE faith that there is no better version of you possible for this world than the one that exists at the center of who you are.

May your yearning for liberation be the compass that guides you.

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In Truth & Beauty,

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