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Trees in the Wind

Join us From January 25th-27th for this seasons free, 3 part masterclass designed to set you up in style for the months to come.

We will be diving into:

  • Inventory of what worked and what didn't this past year and using that as a baseline to plan what comes next.

  • Getting exquisitely honest with ourselves around the places we have 'gaps' or need to devote more energy too.

  • Becoming clear on whats actually giving us life and has energy behind it so that we can optimize growth in the coming seasons.

  • "Clearing the dead wood"

  • Coming into deeper levels of embodiment with our won creative practices to *BUILD* energy and allow what we create to actually fuel us.

  • Mapping out tangible preparation steps for growth for the rest of the Winter, getting clear on where and how to plant our seeds come Spring, and then mapping out a framework for Summer & Autumn so we have a more cohesive understanding of the longer game we are playing


A mountain is climbed one step at a time.


  • Taking inventory of the past year, what worked, what didn't, what's missing.

  • Identifying whats "in the way"

  • Understanding our energy leaks.

  • Identifying the dead wood, getting the tools we need to clear it.

Day 2 ~ mapping

  • Becoming present with the reality of where we are actually at and the resources accessible to us.

  • Understanding our individual needs within our current environment

  • Tracking our unique energy cycles

  • Identifying that which feeds us and that which needs to be fed by us.

  • Creating an inventory of all the things that feel most important to us for this coming year.

Jan 25th, 9am PST, 5pm GMT
Jan 26th, 11.30am PST, 7.30pm GMT

Day 3 ~ planning

  • Taking all of the information we've gathered over the first 2 days and organizing it coherently.

  • Creating our individual framework of priorities unique to our own needs.

  • Building a deeper connection with our own rhythm and making plans from inner knowing.

  • Tangible execution practice with realistic outcomes.

  • Learning how to trust ourselves.

Jan 27th, 10am PST, 6pm GMT


  • All calls hosted on Zoom

  • Links to all calls + time zone converter & everything else you need sent through upon subscription

  • Yes - you can share this, please forward people the link to this page to do so.

  • This class is available for free (with replays) until Feb 2nd at which point it converts into a paid offering.

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