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This space is for those who either already have a strong personal practice *or* are wanting to create one as a way of tuning ever deeper into the truth of who they really are as the compass that guides their life.


The essence of this body of work is that there is always room for refinement.

This is where you get to take your practice to the next level.

~ Nurture ~ A journey of Deep Self Mothering and sacred remembering.


What You Recieve as a Member of The Core:

~ You want to know who you could be and what might be possible if you had the energetic resources to truly thrive.

~ You are aware of patterns of self sacrifice, over giving and self abandonment that in the past have left you feeling resentful, depleted, anxious or burned out and you want something better for yourself moving forward

~ You are a highly sensitive and/or a high achieving woman who easily attunes to and meets other peoples needs but 
can sometimes struggle on identifying and fulfilling your own.

~ You want to deepen your capacity for understanding, regulating and communicating your emotional landscape

~ The idea of nurturing yourself so deeply brings up a sweet mix of excitement, trepidation and longing.

~ You are currently in the ‘activated’ phase of healing a trauma. Zero judgement here as I have had my own versions of this *and* while this is a deep journey into the center of self where it is very likely some of your deeper traumas will experience profound healing, I am not a therapist and fully recommend you seek one out if this is what you are needing the most.

~ You do not believe you are deeply responsible and capable of holding yourself in your own healing.

- You are looking for someone to save you or "fix your problems" for you.




When we truly learn to Nurture ourselves into thriving, and our cup is well tended and full, we can be the most generous version of ourselves. 
We do this for us.
For those we love.
And anybody who is watching us that never had the lesson of how to love themselves.
~ Trust in the power of your own ripples ~

There is a longing within you.

To feel cherished, seen and celebrated for who you truly are.

To be fully expressed in your creativity, aliveness & medicine.

To soften ever more deeply into yourself and be able to trust that life won't fall apart around you if you take time to slow down and nurture yourself.

Many of us have existed without healthy models of what it is to be a woman for many generations.

Can we be both soft & successful?

Well rested & powerful?

On our Spiritual Path & integrated into our daily lives?

Expressed in the fullness of our Eros & deeply safe and cherished?

Creatively liberated WITH solid structures set up to support us?

The modern woman needs more.

A template of Being that supercedes *everything* we have already been taught.

One that is perfectly aligned for our our unique lifestyle.

One that can only be created by ourselves.

You are here because you are looking for a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment.

You want more.

More aliveness

More feeling

More space to be you

More grounded prosperity


Nurture is an online community membership space focused on *precisely this*

A space designed to be a holistic incubation chamber for you to become a woman who thrives in all areas of her life.

Every month we have a specific theme with monthly classes, coaching calls & guest teachers that are tailored to the emerging needs of the group space.


The power of a group field unified on a specific trajectory & intention is quite majestic if you have never experienced it.


~ Be clear on how to balance your own needs with your daily responsibilities in a way that feels both loving and attainable.

~ Learn how to regulate your nervous system and come back into your body as the compass that knows whats best for you.

~ Be able to communicate your needs to others in a clear, loving way.

~ Clear resentment and patterns of being "the critic" both to yourself and others.

~ Find ways to liberate yourself from any guilt, anxiety or self abandonment programming that leaves you feeling depleted and burned out.

~ Be putting YOURSELF FIRST in a healthy way as the deepest service to those you love, work with or parent.

Down to the Details


  • Weeks 1,2 & 3 :The Unravelling : understanding the impact of The Mother Wound on our day to day life, pulling apart the patterns of self neglect, over giving, getting real with ourselves on what works and what really doesn't and learning how to create the space we need to truly nurture ourselves in the deepest way possible.

  • Week 4 : Integration and forgiveness week: giving the nervous system a moment to stabilize and catch up, community check in and live group & 1-1 coaching for any tune ups, adjustments or questions.

  • Weeks 5, 6 & 7 : The embrace and rebuild: putting our choices into practice, designing our own Nurture priorities, organizing and communicating needs, opening into the beauty of life and healing that is possible through *deep* self care.

  • Live sessions will be held on Zoom, every Tuesday from 6pm GMT/10am PST, and will be 1.5-2hrs long each week. Yes : calls will ALWAYS be recorded and available for replay within 24hrs.

  • Private community FB group for sharing, asking questions, cultivating group practice and loving on each other.

  • Early bird pricing now until Nov 19th @ $697 pay in full or 3 payments of $269

  • Pricing from Nov 20th @ $997 pay in full or 3 payments of $379

  • TO SIGN UP: Please contact Phoenix through email or messenger

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