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The Core


The Core is a practice and teaching space

for exploring foundational core energetic principles and emotional intelligence built from the needs of personal experience.


Within this space we learn to harness the very energies that often challenge us as a pathway to learn, grow and

evolve together as a community.

This space is for those who either already have a strong personal practice *or* are wanting to create one as a way of tuning ever deeper into the truth of who they really are as the compass that guides their life.


The essence of this body of work is that there is always room for refinement.

This is where you get to take your practice to the next level.

The baseline ethos of The Core is to bring us into the deepest possible relationship

with our internal sense of core stability formed from our unique core value systems, utilizing integrity with self as a pathway towards thriving.


Our capacity to embody OUR OWN TRUTH

in this way denotes our ability to weather the storms and challenges

of life with openness, flexibility and resilience.


In its essence, this work is about becoming supple through practices and contemplations that invite us to not only deeply root, but also to grow in ways that support us in responding rather than reacting to life as it unfolds before us..

What You Recieve as a Member of The Core:

private membership group to ensure a secure container and confidentiality for all involved

resources to create your own daily practice, tools for deeper embodiment and teachings specifically curated to support you in unwinding some of your deepest patterns and becoming the fullest expression of who you have always been designed to be

Group mentorship and community support

Currently closed for maternity leave. 

Reopening June 2022

Final offering of ~ Nurture~ AVAILABLE NOW

Please see direct page.

& a couple of limited 1-1 short term slots. Please join the mailing list or connect with me on Facebook to stay updated.


Our nature as humans is influenced by our daily experiences, relationships, and moments of self discovery, the modalities and practices within this space have a cumulative effect the more we practice them. They are also organic in their nature, meaning while we focus on truly being devoted to “showing up” for our own growth, discovery and practices, we also embrace the wisdom of allowing our practices to shift and change as we ourselves evolve and reveal more of what is true.

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