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Let me love my body.

These lips

And thighs

My soft and gentle folds of flesh

My wild ferocious eyes

With hip dips and nipple slips

Motherhood has flipped the script

Of everything that beauty was

To become what beauty truly is

This love has softened me and made me stronger

Worn me out in all the ways

I know will make me LIVE much longer

I have become carved and sculpted into a dream

And while I no longer look

Like the women on the cover of my mothers magazines

The aliveness that exists within me

The ancient pulsing ART of wiseness

Is a breathless kind of beauty

That brings me

To my knees.

I love this body for the miles she has walked

For the baby she has built and fed

The stories that she’s talked

I love her for the space she made for life to be MORE

To deepen




And learn what life's worth living for.

I love her for saying yes to all the chaos

For making all the meals

For swimming all the lengths of love

And still keeping it SO real

This body has lived and died a hundred lives

This body has survived

This body has birthed

This is a mirror of the face of the Earth.

With frayed edges and missing parts

This body is a work of HEART

This body is mine

The only one that this life gets

So let me keep her close and listen

To all

That She

Reflects. ~ Happy Womens Day Gorgeous image by Jade Beall Photography

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